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Charter management

Charter management gives you the opportunity to buy a boat (new or slightly used) with least possible investment and costs.

Boating has turned into a big business over the past few years, especially in Croatia where the number of charter companies, chartered yachts and charter clients has multiplied since 2005 (from 324 to 780). Such growth is partially due to stricter regulations that marked the end of black charter market, but still, the striking growth is undeniable. Croatia has established itself as one of the most attractive charter grounds in the world and provides excellent opportunities for development of charter management.

With our charter management program, not only you will retain the value of invested capital, but it will increases, without much effort, commitment and unnecessary risk, and ongoing expenses, such as mooring maintenance, insurance, etc. are covered by profit from our charter. We are also considering in our program weeks that the owner wants to spend on a yacht. Three weeks in the season and the possibility of unlimited use of the yacht out of the season.

We can offer following options: